Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Homebody Mission

The Homebody area of this blog is dedicated to nothing in particular.  Sort of...

I have come across a lot of blogs by writers who have self-published, who are aspiring to self-publish, who are traditionally published, or who are aspiring to be traditionally published, and many variations in between.  Mostly, I came across them in my research towards the idea of possibly self-publishing myself.  When I saw how so many of them discussed this route for writers, their experiences in it, their advice, their hiccups and their successes, I was energized by them.  I thought it wonderful and brilliant.  It was like they were specifically speaking to me.  Excellent!

Now that I've started my own blog as a precursor to one-day releasing my own self-published works, however, I find myself leaning away from the very style of blog that got me this far.  There are a few reasons for this, but I will list the main two questions that kept revolving through my noggin':
  1. There are so many other informative and helpful blogs about this topic by experienced self-publishers (and other professionals related to the industry),why add another one? 
  2. Will a blog about self-publishing appeal to my potential audience (readers) or to other writers?  
As for the first question, I decided that all I had to offer regarding the topic of the self-publishing industry would be a "How I am Trying to Accomplish This."  While it is a topic I have thoroughly enjoyed on other blogs, it's not a topic with which I have a lot to discuss as a major theme.  And, even if this isn't my main theme/mission, I could still post notable experiences during the process.  So, no, I did not want to tackle that topic as a theme here.  I will probably include a "recommends" section where I will link to blogs of that nature for those who are interested in them. 

As for the second question, I decided that the "about self-publishing" themes appeal more to other writers than to possible readers.  And I want to appeal to my potential audience.  I don't want to "sell myself" to them as much as I want to "entertain, appreciate, and indulge" them.

Besides, I'm really not a good salesman when it comes to myself.  I can talk about my creations, I can acknowledge pride in them (and flaws), and I can even have embarrassed or silly moments of boasting, but I am not a self-marketer.  Merely the idea of it makes me feel squirmy and slimy.  That's not saying that people who self-promote make me feel squirmy and slimy, just when I think of it in terms of myself doing it for myself.  Ick.  Shudders.  It is a task that I may never become comfortable with, even if I rationally understand the necessity of it.  However, I do like the idea of interacting with readers, letting them get to know me as a writer and a person, and even better, allowing me to get to know them.  If I ever have any readers of my original works, that is, of course.  Like I said earlier in this post--it's a precursor to actually publishing.

With that conclusion in mind, I had to figure out what I could do to achieve that with this place.

I thought about what I like best about the sites and blogs of people I am merely fans of (not those I want to be peers of).  I like sneak-peaks.  I like artwork.  I like interaction.  I like news.  I like funny tidbits about their lives... even dramatic ones.  I like to be included.  As such, I decided that would be my mission here.

Over all the pages:  Interaction, Inclusion, Camaraderie...

For Homebody: Randirogue as a person, who, among other things, happens to be a writer, but mostly sees herself as someone who is perpetually under construction.  

I, like many of my stories, am a work in progress (WIP for those unfamiliar with writer-speak).  I invite you to participate or simply view the on-going process that is me as I slip and slide, climb and fall, trip and skip through life.

So, here, people can read postings about my latest culinary experiment, my attempts to cultivate some greenery inside my city apartment, and my struggle to balance ambitions/family/finances/friends/etc. People can read what makes me happy or sad, invigorated or tired, hungry or sated, and more.  Readers should also be prepared for lots of gushing over my wonderful, incredible, talented (musician/composer), caring, supportive husband.  I do it a lot in every-day life and doubt it would be different here.  I hope that part doesn't get too nauseating or cause tooth-aches.  ~_~ooo 

And, along the way, if it encourages people to purchase my creations... great!

Will I sometimes promote my works?  Probably.  
Will I show off the things that I'm proud of?  Absolutely.  

It's what you do with your friends, and I hope to build friendships not just readerships here.

That said...

Thank you for indulging... (me).

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