Monday, July 4, 2011

The "B" Beta Deadline

Not too long ago, I had a sit down with my husband and made him help me come up with some sort of deadline to help keep me on line with finishing "B" (full title revealed near release - teaser animation in header relates to this story) in a timely manner.  It was difficult to get him to agree to some semblance of him holding me to it, reminding me, and especially to ride me about it.  He's so caring and sweet that he's typically too lenient on me to be helpful in such situations, no matter how much I need it.  But, we came to a workable conclusion that, so far, he's been helpful with doing his part.  Of course, he keeps reminding me that we can rework the deadline if extenuating circumstances require it.  That little side-bar is not as helpful as he thinks.  lol.  This foible of his is both endearing, loveable, comforting, and frustrating... but mostly, it's loveable.  ;-D

The "B" Beta Deadline we came up with is just one of the myriad of steps in my epub plan for releasing this and other stories.  I will eventually post the epub plan as well, but it will be on another day.  Thinking too closely on that big picture can be so overwhelming that it preys upon my penchant for self-doubt, thus decreasing my chances at accomplishing it.  So, at a later date, I will go through it, in all of its terrifyingly complex detail, and post it.  For now, I will post the details of the "B" Beta Deadline here, and will subsequently post daily updates on my status toward attaining it as a way to keep me on track.

If my progress goes well, I will hopefully post on other happenings besides just this topic between now and the deadline.  (I want foreboding dramatic music to play every time I say "deadline" - lol.)  Then again, if I get caught up in a writing tornado, which is a very good thing in terms of achieving this deadline, then I might also not have much else to talk about between now and then.

The goal of the "B" Beta Deadline is to have "B" out to beta readers by the deadline date.
The date of the "B" Beta Deadline is Monday, August 7, 2011. 
The countdown of the "B" Beta Deadline, as of this post, is 33 days(Gah, it's so soon!)
The steps to accomplishing the "B" Beta Deadline include:
  1. Completing the first draft (write straight out from beginning to end, like a really extended and detailed outline).
  2. Completing the second draft (fulfill notes I placed throughout for things to research, confirm, name, flesh out, reduce, etc.)
  3. Self-edit for pacing, spelling, grammar, consistency, plot wholes, etc.
  4. Recruit beta readers.
  5. Send out to beta readers.

"B" Beta Deadline Status Check
33 days to go
18 chapters of first draft complete
69,551 cumulative words
175 cumulative pages*

*Word & page count ratio does match standard 250 words per page estimation because I write my drafts in single-spacing for my convenience.  When published it will be double spaced, and thus, will drastically extend the page count. 

Wish me luck, and as usual...

Thank you for indulging... (me).

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