Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Good Ol' Vamp Nick!

Came across this little bit of urban-fantasy silly via a friend's facebook post today.  Okay, that's not the direct link that the friend posted, but his linked to a page called "PerezHilton" and I couldn't bring myself to post that. lol.  

Still, according to that silly, an old photo from the 1800s that looks eerily like Nicholas Cage.  As a result, there are amusing and fun rumors going around speculating that he is a vampire.  Since I have a fondness for vampires and am currently writing vampire stories, I couldn't pass up sharing this silly-faux-accusation.  Here is the picture (as found at above linked article):

Ideas are just a-stirring in my brain after this.  :D

Speaking of stories, mine to be exact, and "B" to be very exact...  It's been a while since I've posted an update to The "B" Beta Deadline.  I will post a proper stand-alone post for it soon, but for now, I will say that my plans have changed slightly, and as such, how I define beta has changed (for my personal implementation of it).  However, as the Countdown is well past-due, I won't change that.  I'll not claim the benefit of reaching that tiny summit until I've achieved the goal it had outlined.  I'll adjust any future countdowns to meet the needs of the newly defined goals/definitions (as I assign them and define them).  Isn't creative license great?  lol.

*NOTE: Some part of me keeps waiting for the federal government to get involved and start issuing Creative Licenses.  How many of us would pass the cut?

And finally, in some other general life news...

The Day Job
The television show that I've been working on is nearing it's actual debut.  Within the next couple of weeks it will finally move from rehearsals to shows.  

Remember, I'm nobody that important on it.  My little workstation is very little and in the control booth, not on the stage itself.  Not that I'd particularly mind it being more or being on the stage (I'm a sucker for performing), but for this, I'm content with my small role in the whole of it.  Having such a small role is what will allow me to make decent progress with my writing now and in the future.  

But, in regards to the debut, I've been invited to the show's launch party.  I really want to go.  Yet, a large part of me is feeling very self-conscious and insecure about attending.  *Points to note about my participation in the show.*  I think I'll RSVP and hope I don't chicken out.  Wish me luck!

The Indoor Garden Project
Most of my plants have died.  I think they got infected by spider mites or something.  Even my very first plant, the Cypress that my mother gave me last Christmas, is suddenly mostly browned and wilted.  It and the Gardenia are the only two I haven't discarded.  The Gardenia is still green and seems to be thriving.  I'm keeping them apart to make sure that whatever killed the others (sunflowers, mini roses, marigolds, hyacinth, and now my poor sad looking Cypress) isn't something that could spread between them.

If I got more blooms on the Gardenia, I might stop worrying about it.  But, since I've only had one bloom since I got it, I don't have a lot of confidence.  This, of course, ignores it's natural blooming season(s) - which I know nothing about.  

I keep meaning to do more research about indoor plants, try to find some sort of indoor gardening community up here, but it's been low on my priority lists.  The Day Job and The Novel ("B") and My Decadent Husband consume most of my time.  As they should.

Maybe after I release "B" I'll be able to take a break and indulge some other interests... like this Indoor Garden Project of mine.   But, for now, the plants will have to suffice with daily love, regular waterings, and bouts of sunlight from the windows.

The Culinary Escapades
With the return of cooler weather (finally!) comes the return of our cooking and baking interests.  We've already got a start on it.  This past week has been ruled by the theme of "Bulk Meals That Improve As Left-Overs." 

Between my Decadent Husband's heavy day-job work load, my increasingly busy day-job work load, editing/formatting "B" and refining its cover options, as well as everyday household upkeep, the need for quick meals that I don't have to think about too often, that are easy to repeat, easy to clean up after, and that improve their taste upon use as left-overs have gained significant importance.  

Thankfully, these types of meals tend to do best in colder months due to the heat they generate in their making.  Perfect timing, I'd say.

The latest escapades included Biscuits and Sausage Gravy for breakfasts and homemade Marinara.  

The sause went splendidly.  Can of San Marzano tomatoes (not DOP certified, unfortunately), onions, garlic, olive oil, oregano, basil, salt and pepper made a great sauce.  I may never buy pre-made sauce again.  Paired with some garlic and herb sausage and some fresh ravioli, and we had a very nice dinner.  Plus, there's plenty of left overs for at least a second meal.

The breakfast was more hit and miss.  We still can't get the biscuits just right.  They keep coming out too much like dinner rolls than like the crumbly breakfast buttermilk biscuits I particularly prefer paired with the sausage gravy.  However, as imperfect as the biscuits have been, I finally may be on the right track with the gravy.  

Don't laugh (too hard).  I realized my major problem of failing previous attempts.  I had been cooking the gravy in a pan separate from the sausage.

I said not to laugh (too hard).  

This time, I made the gravy right in the sausage pan, then added the sausage back in before I tasted it.  This made all the difference.

Like I said... Don't Laugh (too hard).

Every morning, we cut up a biscuit each (even if they aren't just right yet).  I grab the tiny frying pan and start heating it up.  I add about a quarter cup of milk.  I add a couple good scoops of the stored and now uber thick sausage gravy.  I mix together.  Add a pinch of flour until the consistency is right.  Add a little more pepper.  And in less than five minutes, I'm pouring the refreshed (even better tasting) sausage gravy on the biscuits.  It's been working out perfectly.

Go me!  
(And Decadent Husband too, 'cause he helps!)

So, there's a big post to hopefully help make up for my horrible inconsistency as of late.  Don't flog me too hard.  I do hope to post more routinely.  Hopefully, with the launch of the show, my schedule will get more routine, and thus, I can finally settle into a routine around it.  That should help a lot.

I don't have a lot in my small corner of the universe here, but I appreciate every bit of it.  I want to show that better.  I want to show you.

Thank you for indulging... (me).

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