Monday, November 7, 2011

All Wallows' Eve

I'm live!  For the first time, all on my own two feet, I've got an ebook out.  It was a small battle to get here, but that doesn't diminish my excitement.  My nervousness about promoting myself, on the other hand...

Well, let's just say that I've actually been live on Amazon for a week.

Now, before anyone gets too excited, this release is NOT "B."  It is All Wallows' Eve, a prelude to "B."  And if I have my way, there will be other preludes.  Since I want "B" out before Christmas, the preludes may come out after it.  Let's see how things fall, shall we?

But for now, the spotlight swings onto... 

All Wallows' Eve  introduces Constance Ferrer as she gets introduced (vaguely) to the Blood Kin.  It's essentially her origins story.  As such things can sometimes be, it is not very engrossed in the Blood Kin intrigues just yet because, well... until these events, Constance didn't even know such things truly existed.  And even then...

Well, I won't give it all away.  Especially since, as you can tell, I'm not the best sales person of my own works, am I?

For the most part, I expect this story will garner more attention after the others are out, and I'm perfectly fine with that.  I'm personally rather partial to a cozier beginning.

It's only available at Amazon and Smashwords for $.99 right now, but should (hopefully) be up at B&N, iTunes, and all the other retailers shortly.  I'll drop a line when it is (or a week later, if my nerves have their way). 

I thought I was competing for a promotion... But, what I got was something way better.

I, Constance Ferrer, got transformed into a creature of nightmare imaginaries.  I was to be inducted into Psylas’ Niche within the Blood Kin—a complex vampire hierarchy wrought of intrigue and danger. 

While I’d fantasized about such absurdities, they had been vastly beyond my mediocre reality.  Until now.

I'd heard that ignorance was bliss. Well, according to my experiences, bliss was
All Wallows' Eve

13,000 ~ 40 pages (approximate).


And now that I'm so excited (nervous) that I feel like I'm going to fizzle right off the planet, I think I will end this post here.  I had some other tid-bits to share, but they will have to wait.

Thank you for indulging... (me).

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