Friday, July 13, 2012

Blood Relations

First, some news.  Followers of my little corner of the internet universe here may have already heard about this, but just in case there are a few stragglers, I'll say it now.

I'm pregnant!  It's our first child.  We are very, very excited.  Though, sadly, the child will have one strike against him or her by the time he or she is born: A Christmas birthday!  Poor kid.  But, to make up for it, he or she does get me and my decadent husband as parents, so that has to make up for it.  Tee Hee.  ~_~ooo

Next, I'd like to share a curious little video and article my decadent husband pointed out to me as research assistance for the Blood Kin Vampires series—as it involves an interesting effect on blood, particularly that of blood clotting, it would certainly be of interest to the biomedical corporation (Blood Conscience) at the root of Connie's beginnings with the Blood Kin.

The video directly from YouTube:

And finally, some story updates.

Beatific has had a nice start on Kindle.  It could do better, but I believe that too big a start would probably freak me out.  I'm content with putting my head down and working on the next releases.  Currently, that means the print version of Beatific.  If all goes well, I'll be ordering my first proof of it today.  Wish me luck.

It also means that—when I'm not at my day job or a prenatal appointment or scoring quality time with daddy-to-be or catching up on the sleep that the wee wriggler seems to impress upon me—I have been writing on several book projects.  

In priority order, these are:
  1. SWDBlood Kin Vampires Book Bite #2 — Connie's strange official induction into Psylas' Niche within the Blood Kin.
  2.  DBlood Kin Vampires Novel Book #2 — Continues right where Beatific wraps and "Found" the sneak peak prelude kicks off.
  3. S or WW (title undecided) —Blood Kin Vampires Book Bite #? — Connie & Huijghe's cross country trek, staying one step ahead of Weaver and one step closer to having to fall back on the Porters' stilted generosity.
I've also got some other projects unrelated to the Blood Kin Vampires kicking around.  Some of them already have extensive beginnings just waiting for me to finally finish.  Three of them have been simmering in the background of my thoughts a lot lately, sometimes even taking over the (hehe, aren't I witty? ~_~000) space.

So, that's about it for now.  As always, your readership is appreciated.

Thank you for indulging... (me).

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