Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"B" is Here!

It's finally published!  "B," now known in full as Beatific (A Blood Kin Vampires Novel) is available for Kindle on Amazon.

I, Constance Ferrer, ached to be more than just a novice vampire—a mere underling and fodder to the elite of the Blood Kin, an ancient, powerful, and cunning horde.  I thrilled when Psylas, my maker, appointed me to a simple, routine assignment that yanked me well beyond my ordinary reach, finally granting me a chance to elevate in the ranks.  But when that feat thrust me to the forefront of an unraveling prophecy, I found myself pitted between vicious factions vying for the possession of the cherished Truth and Peace.  Suspicious of the prophecy itself, yet trapped within the sanctuary of its protectors, my previously bleak and mundane existence blooms into a frightening adventure.

How does a weak and inexperienced vampire such as myself successfully sift through increasingly elusive schemes?  How does she sort out a sudden influx of supposed allies and enemies?  How does she determine who or what to fight or trust?  And when presented with convenient comforts—Cyriel, an epicurean, share-the-fun vampire; his lavish and libertine accommodations; and Huijghe, his strangely enamored and seriously decadent human—should she dare indulge, if even just for a brief reprieve?

I was about to find out.

Amidst a miasma of confusion, fear, and exhilaration, of betrayers and opportunists, of gleaming depravity and fierce splendor, I stumble over that which makes all the dangers worth braving.

Armed with little more than the vampiric gift to preserve a consciousness during a turning, I fumble toward a nightmarish ecstasy.

Being a nobody compelled to greatness isn’t easy…  
It’s Beatific.

~ ~ ~

Beatific is the first novel in the Blood Kin Vampires series.  It does not need to be read after All Wallows' Eve (Blood Kin Vampires Book Bite), which is a small, focused tale revealing Connie's strange induction into life as a vampire, one of the Blood Kin.  The novel, however, is a dense and complex emotional and adventurous roller-coaster.  So, settle in, hang on and…  Enjoy the ride.

(Please note that this eBook is over 170,000 words, the equivalent to approximately 500 standard paperback pages.)

~ ~ ~
Reviews welcome.
(Please post them on Amazon so others will be informed!)

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Thank you for indulging... (me).

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