Friday, February 3, 2012

Naughty Randi

I've been remiss in my lack of posting here the last couple of months.  I have lots of excuses (4 am wake up calls for work still kicking my sore booty), but none are good enough, especially since I still haven't released "B" yet, nor any of its other related short stories, such as the in-progress "SWD."

Sadly, the only update I have right now is that I have increased the price on All Wallows' Eve from $0.99 to $1.49 on all e-retailers:
Barnes & Noble    
iTunes    Sony     
Kobo     Diesel
(Note that price change may not be in effect yet.)

I'm not having an ego-trip nor am I price-gouging.  "B" is a big story, even for a novel, and to honor the time and energies and efforts (not to mention the wish to use profits to help pay for the degree that supposedly gave me the chops to produce it), I plan to start its price at $4.99.  Because of that, I don't want the short story pricing to be misleading in these (hopefully) last weeks prior to the release of "B."

I harbor no ill-feelings towards those who prefer ebooks under $3 nor for those who are content at pricing below $3 (whether for short stories or complete novels), but some readers view these as bargain books, nay, even as cheap reads, as in 'not of quality production.'  While I myself do enjoy a good bargain, even on an ebook, I also want ebook authors (especially those who work hard to produce a highly professional product) to earn a living so that they may be able to produce more books at a faster rate for a very long to come so that I may enjoy them more rapidly and more often and for the duration.  So, I am going to try to follow this theme for myself.  

I may do periods of discounts, I may someday go higher or lower for a long-term arrangement.  Who knows?  It's still a trial-and-error industry for indies with regards to finding what works best for their personal needs as well as the preferences of their readers.  This is especially true for a newbie like me, one who is so lacking in the comfort-zone of self-promotion.

So, that's that.  I've jumped out of the easy-entry-level-complacency (for me) of the ninety-nine cent barrel.

Okay, I've half-way crawled out of it to see if the air is going to freeze outside the warmth of the cozy, tepid, under-a-buck water. ~_~ooo

Wish me luck!
(Am I crazily deluding myself?)

And thank you for indulging... (me).


  1. *waits for release of B*

    Hush your pretty mouth and take my moneys.

  2. That's because you're awesome. (btw, bug Daedu... As one of my trusty editors/betas he's part of the hold up. :-D)