Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hot Deals, Sizzling Steals, and Burning Challenges, Ahoy!


Get your $0.99 copy of Beatific now because the price will go up, up, up until its Kindle Countdown Deal ends and it's back to full price on September 3rd.

Promo Schedule
Wed, Aug 27:  $0.99
Thu, Aug 28:  $0.99
Fri, Aug 29:  $0.99
Sat, Aug 30:  $1.99
Sun, Aug 31:  $1.99
Mon, Sept 1:  $2.99
Tue, Sept 2:  $3.99

Milestone Challenge
~ #1,000 New Adult & College 
~ #10,000 Science Fiction & Fantasy    

~   ~   ~


That's right, folks! For those of you who need a taste of the Blood Kin Vampires series before you take the big bite with Beatific, you can now get All Wallows' Eve for free. However, unlike Beatific's Kindle Countdown Deal, All Wallows' Eve is PERMA-FREE until I decide otherwise. So, tell all your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even every passerby on the street because the longer it stays high in the ranks and the more great reviews it gets, the longer I'll keep it so!

Get It Here
~ Amazon
~ iTunes 
~ Barnes & Noble
~ Smashwords

Milestone Challenge
~ #1 Free Metaphysical & Visionary
~ #1 Free New Adult & College 
~ #1 Free Science Fiction & Fantasy 
~ #10 Free Paranormal & Urban Fantasy
~ #100 Free Entire Kindle Store

~   ~   ~


A year and a half ago, I topped off an already unruly NYC based life with some adorable—and sometimes frustrating—chaos in the form of my first wee angel-imp (pictured below and right). To accommodate, writing tripped gracelessly low on my to-do list. However, I am now armed with a toddler-whisper babysitter/assistant so my fingers are once again dashing across the computer keyboard. And as such, I have issued myself a Burning Challenge!

Dun, dun, dunnnnnnnnnn!

The Release Goals
(to be completed before Christmas 2014)
~ Slippery When Dead (BKV Book Bite following All Wallows' Eve)
~ Ozcock's Clarety (BKV Book Bite featuring Leon)
~ Then She Forgot / Food For Thought (BKV Book Bite featuring Rue)
~ Insouciant—Part One (beginning the second arc of the BKV Truth & Peace Saga, following Beatific)

Wee Angel-Imp with attitude to spare at a mere 15 mos.
Believe it or not, the first three in that list have been almost done since before the arrival of the nefarious and utterly cuddly wee angel-imp. 

It's about time I get them out! 

So, to give me some added kicks in the booty in achieving these lofty release goals, get out there, spread the word about All Wallows' Eve and Beatific, and keep those reviews coming!

And don't be stingy with your reviews of others. Help everyone find the perfect stories by reviewing every book you read!

Thank you for indulging…(me)!

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