Sunday, July 10, 2011

Countdown 28 Days (The "B" Beta Deadline) ...belated

Well, again, not nearly as much progress as I'd wanted or intended.  However, I've reconciled myself with it.  Busy days intrude on writing sometimes and the reverse will happen. 

And when it does, the keys will burn with it.  

(Wow... why did that just give me an impression of a venereal disease.  Ick!)

Plus, I'm not done writing for the night.  I just wanted to get this in before it was too belated for the post date and time.  Like yesterday, just because the clock has turned over to the new day doesn't mean I have.  I will write for a couple hours yet.  I'll include any further progress in tomorrow's count.  

Here's hoping it'll dazzle.  ~_~ooo

On the other hand, these slower days may serve to express how difficult it can be to create when you have demands on your time like work, family, errands, other important personal goals, other important necessities.  Today, mine included having blood drawn by a vampire, I mean, doctor.  (That much blood removed and no cookie or juice to show for it!  I was jipped!)  It also involved checking out a gym and getting a membership (so many hours in front of the computer does nothing to eradicate nor deter the pesky pudge).  Time with the decadent husband factored in as well.  Then of course there's the publishing and story element research, emails that had started piling up, making sure friends weren't neglected, and other related tasks required to attain even a glimmer of success with this venture along with a the procurement of a full and rich life.  I plan to have it all.  

I hope you get it all as well.  :D

Now as for my cumulative stats...

Current status includes:
28 days remaining until deadline
19 chapters completed
(chapters 20 and 21 incomplete)
77,170 words
197 pages

Thank you for indulging... (me).

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