Saturday, July 9, 2011

Countdown 29 days (The "B" Beta Deadline) ...belated

The day did not turn into the writing-fest I had anticipated.  To keep my mood up, I'm going to go ahead and include the unfinished chapters on which I managed to make some progress, even if they are not complete.  

Though, I feel a little guilty for it.  Oh well.  It's a balancing act, and one, of many, that I've not remotely mastered yet.  But, I still keep trying.

Also, I should've posted this before midnight, but since I just stop writing for the night, I'm allowing it to count as 29th countdown day.  However, this is why I added the "...belated" to the title of it.

Anyways... to the point.

Current status includes:
29 days remaining until deadline
19 chapters completed
(chapters 20 and 21 incomplete)
76,325 words
194 pages

Wish me better luck tomorrow.  I think I need it.  

Thank you for indulging... (me).

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