Sunday, August 7, 2011

Countdown 0 Days (The "B" Beta Deadline)

You can probably guess it, folks!  I have missed my deadline.  I have been writing and making good, meaty progress, but I have not reached the last word on the last page of the first draft yet.

The worst part?  

Simply completing the first draft is not the goal for this deadline.

To reach this deadline, I have to give the story to beta readers.

To give the story to beta readers, I have to tidy up the first draft, complete some few minor bits of research that I noted as I went, implement those research topics, streamline phrasings, pacing, and descriptions, AND do my own round of content/spelling/grammar/punctuation edits.

So, I am, at minimum, a week away... if not longer.  I kind of knew this last week, but I plugged away with blinders on.  If I let myself worry about missing a self-imposed deadline too much, it could have ceased my progression entirely.  These things happen.  No point sulking.  Better just to keep working.

Still... I'm not giving myself a new deadline.  Instead, I will be pointedly reminding myself every day exactly how far behind schedule I am by... (drumroll)... noting that I am ___ number of days past the deadline.

As such, future posts regarding this will be titled along those lines.  For example, if I post tomorrow, it will be named, "Countdown -1 Days (The "B" Beta Deadline)."

So, without further adieu, here is the current status.

Current status includes:
deadline is today
34 chapters completed
(chapters 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 & 40*  partially done)
134,099 words
354 pages (single spaced)

*Estimated chapter numbers.

Thank you for indulging... (me).

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